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Home / Blog / Versatility Rules: Save on heating and cooling costs – and look good while doing it – with double-hung windows

As one of the most popular window styles in the Omaha and Lincoln areas, double-hung windows can be seen in the city’s newer neighborhoods where new home construction is prevalent. But you’ll also see these energy efficient windows in older homes that have added double-hung windows to help lower energy costs.

Replacement double-hung windows can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs. Older windows are typically less efficient as energy efficient technologies and installation methods continue to improve. By replacing old windows with new double-hung windows, you can reduce heating and air conditioning expenses and improve the comfort of your home. And in Omaha, a city whose temperatures fluctuate from hot to frigid, that’s a valuable resource to have.

Breezy benefits

One of the biggest benefits of a double-hung window – which is simply a window that features an upper and lower sash that can slide past each other in a single frame –  is the option for ventilation from the top and bottom of the unit. You can raise the lower sash to allow in a cool breeze, or lower the upper sash to pull hot air from the ceiling outside.

For improved ventilation during Omaha’s spring and fall seasons, you can open both the top and bottom sashes of a double-hung window so that cool, fresh air is drawn in from the bottom and stale, warm air is expelled from the top. This brings plenty of fresh air into your home – all while being able to easily control the flow by adjusting the sash openings.

Other advantages

Another benefit to replacement double-hung windows is that they are convenient to clean, since they tilt in for easy access.

Additionally, with double-hung windows not swinging out, you don’t have to worry about someone walking past outside and accidentally hitting them, which makes double-hung windows perfect for placement near patios, walkways or decks.

Good looks are a bonus

Not only are double-hung windows energy efficient, easy to clean and safe, they are attractive, too. Pella’s double-hung windows are a beautiful choice for any home, from classic to contemporary and because you can choose from several different product lines and material types, you’re sure to find ones that best fit your needs.

You can have them made of your desired wood (with eight naturally beautiful interior wood types from which to choose), incredibly strong fiberglass and distinct vinyl – in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, grill patterns and exterior colors.

The bottom line is that double-hung windows are incredibly versatile and they will look just as good in a traditional home as they will in an ultra-modern, minimalist home due to their classic, clean, elegant look.

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