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What do windows in England’s Falstaff Inn and Omaha’s homes – old and new – have in common? And how do you take advantage of Omaha’s traditionally southern and northern breezes? Keep reading to find out!

From the oldest homes in Gifford Park and Little Italy to the newest houses in Prairies at Skyline Ridge and Ashbury Creek, casement windows remain one of the most popular styles for window replacements and new construction.

These convenient windows feature a one-hinged sash that swings outward from the side. They’re favored among homeowners who want a larger, uninterrupted view to the outdoors, open and close easily with the turn of a handle and they’re a great option for spots that are difficult to reach, like over the kitchen sink.

Wind – there for the taking

Casement windows are excellent for natural ventilation, especially during warmer months. They can be angled in order to direct breezes into your home. In the city of Omaha and the surrounding metropolitan area, for example, wind speeds vary from 0 to 19mph (calm to a fresh breeze) over the course of a typical year, and rarely exceed 28 mph. Casement windows are ideal for directing those fresh breezes into your home.

Casement windows’ historical past

Casement windows have a storied past. British and German dwellings have long featured windows that open outward. There’s even a medieval English example at the Falstaff Inn, Canterbury, Kent, England, with casement windows below fixed windows, or lights, all composed of small leaded panes.

The French casement commonly has two meeting leaves that open inward, requiring careful craftsmanship to prevent weather from penetrating them. These French casements were adapted in the United States chiefly as ways to give access onto balconies and porches, and in this door-like form they are known as French windows, French doors, or casement doors.

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