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Searching for a way to make your property look like a million bucks without breaking the bank? Stylish, state-of-the-art windows can be a game changer for your home, a long-term investment with immediate benefits.

When you install quality, modern windows, you instantly upgrade your home into a cozier—and more valuable—place to live.

In fact, window replacement is among the top home improvement projects and one of the smartest ways to recoup a solid return on your investment when it’s time to sell.

If you’re wondering, will new windows increase your home’s value, the answer may surprise you. Let’s dive into why new, high-quality windows matter, and why now is the perfect time for an upgrade.

window locking hardware

Elevate Your Home Security

As homeowners, we place a premium on our peace of mind. We’re always looking for opportunities to get more out of the time, effort, and money we put into our homes.

Wouldn’t it be great if that translated into reduced stress?

At Pella, we prioritize your home’s security. Our range of window hardware options includes the SureLock system for tight sealing, the Unison Lock System for double protection, and the exclusive Cam-Action Lock for strong security. Our AutoLock feature ensures windows lock automatically upon closure, while the Vent Stop restricts opening for child safety. With various styles and colors available, our hardware blends seamlessly with your home’s aesthetic, providing peace of mind and reliability.

Knowing that a property is equipped with secure windows doesn’t just help you relax—it might also be a selling point for future owners who appreciate the extra perks. After all, not only do you get to enjoy a cozier home, but you also get to rack up potential savings each month.

Black energy efficient windows in the winter time

Efficiency Savings: Eliminate Drafts and Noise

New windows don’t just reinforce your home security. Inside the comfort of your own home, windows play a crucial role in keeping things cozy—they are part of what makes a house a home, safeguarding the physical comfort that you experience whenever you’re there.

Sometimes comfort has everything to do with your home’s temperature. Energy-efficient windows can help you regain control and help you save on heating and air throughout different phases of diverse Omaha weather. No more letting in the freezing cold or sweltering heat when you’re supposed to be relaxing!

Reliable windows that are expertly installed will keep out the drafts that would otherwise break through unsealed cracks. Certain designs feature advanced technology like glass coatings and advanced weather stripping that regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy consumption.

Airtight windows also keep the outside noise at bay. And depending on where you live, noise pollution may be a unique problem in your area. You’ll notice the difference right away, settling into a cozier daily living experience. Future buyers might just pay a bit more for that comfort, too, as they are increasingly conscious of energy-efficient and noise-canceling features.

Kitchen view with three windows

Enhanced Natural Light and Ventilation

If the current state of your interior feels like it needs a facelift, it could be the lighting. Fantastic lighting can make for a subtle yet lasting impression on your home.

The right kind of modern windows are designed to enhance lighting, especially those designed with larger panes and modern styles, which can maximize the entry of natural light.

Showcasing your one-of-a-kind window installation will, in addition to saving on electricity during the daytime, make your home feel bigger and more welcoming.

New windows also provide another sought-after home feature: ventilation. Efficient ventilation contributes to a healthier indoor environment, which can be a selling point for health-conscious buyers.

Livingroom view

First Impressions: Windows That Wow

We’ve talked about some tangible, practical benefits so far, but new windows are also an investment in your home’s wow-factor. And any way that you look at it, first impressions are real.

Swapping out your old windows for new ones will add a touch of class to your house that you can appreciate from day one. Classy windows improve your personal living space for your own enjoyment, with the casual benefit of dazzling friends, family, and people who pass by.

Windows might not be the first things people notice about a home, but impressive windows undeniably make houses look better. Windows tie our rooms together by making the spaces feel more open or comfortable.

They even make home exteriors stand out from the curbside.

Exterior residential home view of front of house

Improve Your Curb Appeal on the Market

The saying “first impressions matter” holds true with real estate.

Upgrading your current setup with stylish, modern windows doesn’t just transform the inside of your home—a good-looking home is always more attractive to potential buyers.

This is especially true in Omaha, where homes are valued for comfort and looks. Some neighborhoods boast houses with bold features, which is why it’s important to pay attention to the trends and preferences in your local real estate market when assessing the impact of new windows on your home’s value.

But even subtle upgrades can make your home stand out in the real estate market that prefers homes with energy-efficient features and quaint aesthetics. By aligning your home with these market trends, you increase your property’s desirability and, as a result, its potential value.

Whether you go with traditional or contemporary designs, the visual impact of well-crafted, expertly-installed windows can leave a lasting impression on your home’s overall value.

How Much Value Can New Windows Add to a Home?

Aside from the appeal of upgraded looks, the bottom line is that new windows can increase your home’s value.

Based on findings from Remodeling’s 2023 Cost vs. Value report, updating vinyl windows typically contributes an average of $13,766 in added value to a home—about 69% of the project’s total cost. Meanwhile, replacing wood windows yields a slightly lower return on investment, adding an average value of $14,912 to your home.

You may be asking yourself, “How much do new windows typically cost?Based on the previously mentioned data, projects usually range from approximately $20,000 to $25,000.

But while new windows can add value to your home, here’s the catch: you need to pick the right windows, as well as the right people to install them. When you do, you’ll make sure your investment pays off big time.

3 Pella window materials

Pella: Pick the Right Windows for Your Home

No matter your preference or budget, there are windows that can suit your needs and fit your unique taste, from style right down to the material used. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of wood windows or the low-maintenance benefits of vinyl, you need options that will provide the best fit for your home.

Your local Pella Windows & Doors team in Omaha and Lincoln is committed to ensuring that window and door replacement is both convenient and cost-effective, without sacrificing quality.

We also have great financing options available. Starting from as little as $122 per month, you can select and install the right Pella products for your home with a plan that works for your budget. To apply, just ask your sales representative for details during your free consultation. Most applications can be processed very quickly. Schedule a free in-home consultation today. Pella windows and doors are for everyone!

With Pella Windows and Doors, you’re not just getting new windows; you’re giving your home a boost that will be appreciated for years to come.

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