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French Patio Door Replacement

For an elegant way to access your patios, French doors are easy to open, efficient and perfect for delivering on form and function.

What You Need to Know About Pella’s French Patio Doors in Omaha and Lincoln

Whether you want a modern look or something more traditional, Pella Windows & Doors of Omaha and Lincoln have a variety of options to make our French patio doors fit your home.

Materials & Product Lines

Pella Windows & Doors of Omaha and Lincoln offers a variety of grilles and hardware to make your hinged French patio doors unique. Pella’s French patio doors come in a variety of styles, explore our options to see what might be the right fit for you.

Explore French Patio Door Materials

What are French patio doors?

French or hinged patio doors are door panels that are hinged to the side and swing open from the center. These doors can swing into or out of your home and come in several configurations like side-by-side or singles. French patio doors are sophisticated, provide grand entrances and come in a variety of designs.

Why are homeowners in Omaha and Lincoln choosing French patio doors?

Styles & Material

French patio doors have a sophisticated design that adds a functional grandiosity and timeless style to your home.

Design & Functionality

Create a grand entrance to your patio or backyard and add stunning hardware to complement your style and your home’s aesthetic. Available in vinyl and wood, in-swing or out-swing french patio doors are a lovely addition to your home.


A variety of hardware can elevate the style of your door even further.

Get Inspired by These French Patio Door Projects in Omaha and Lincoln

Pella’s wide variety of French patio doors make finding the right fit for your home a breeze. Check out our showrooms near Union College in Lincoln as well as down the road from Chalco Hills Recreation Area in Omaha.

Ready to get started on your french patio door installation?

Our local experts at Pella Windows & Doors of Omaha & Lincoln are here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions About French Patio Doors

What's the difference between French doors and sliding doors?

French doors are hinged at the side and can either swing in or out, depending on what works best for the space. They are a traditional choice that adds an elegant feel to the home. Sliding patio doors glide open on a track, meaning they require no additional space to operate. These doors add a contemporary touch to the home. Learn more differences between hinged and sliding patio doors.

Do both doors open on French patio doors?

Double-hinged French patio doors have two panels that part in the middle. In some designs, both panels are operable, while in other designs, one panel is fixed and the other is operable.

Can French doors be locked?

Yes, French doors can be locked with the included hardware. Optional multi-point locks can further increase the security in your home.

How do French doors open?

French doors are hinged at the side and swing open and closed. Sliding French patio doors are another option, and they open and close by sliding along a track.

Why do they call them French Doors?

French doors got their name because they originated in France as a very popular door style, dating back hundreds of years. Hinged doors were created to allow more light into a room before electricity was invented.

Are built in blinds for patio doors worth it?

Between-the-glass blinds on patio doors increase privacy and block out light. They harbor fewer allergens and require less cleaning since they are protected from dust, damage, and little hands. If it’s important to you that these concerns are addressed, then the cost of built-in blinds may be worth it.

Are French doors energy efficient?

Yes, French doors are energy efficient. They feature an efficient door system and are made of materials that will help keep your home comfortable year-round.

Are French doors safe?

Yes, French doors are safe and include locking hardware. With smart home technology, you can feel safer by monitoring when your doors are opened or unlocked.14

Are French doors the same as patio doors?

Yes, French doors are a type of patio door. Hinged patio doors are commonly referred to as French patio doors, but four-panel sliding patio doors are also a type of French patio door.

Hear From Pella Customers in Omaha and Lincoln

See what homeowners of Pella Windows & Doors of Omaha and Lincoln are saying about their experience with us.

All the steps in replacing the ten windows in my home went flawlessly. From the selections, the ordering, the measuring, the scheduling and the final installation all Pella personnel were professional, knowledgeable and personable.

Cleo Wright Omaha Showroom
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We’re so pleased with the Pella windows that replaced our damaged windows that we are replacing all the windows!

Tissy Omaha Showroom
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 I had a window replaced on Friday – October 21. The installers were Brandon and Josh and they did an excellent job! The were prompt, personable and exhibited exceptional work ethics. They cleaned up very well when the job was complete and answered all questions in a way that was easy for me to understand.

Gary McNeal Omaha Showroom
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Met with Don to get quotes on two windows for our house. He was very polite and very knowledgeable. Don was able to give us two different quotes based off our budget. I definitely recommend them just based on customer service alone.

Rahshaw Sides Omaha Showroom
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