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Replacement Awning Windows

Awning windows (also known as top hung, top hinged, crank out and retractable windows) are hinged at the top of the frame and swing outward to allow air in. These windows have more flexibility, easy-to-use hardware, and allow increased ventilation.

What You Need to Know About Pella’s Awning Windows in Omaha & Lincoln

Whether you want a modern look or something more traditional, Pella Windows & Doors of Omaha and Lincoln have a variety of grilles, hardware, and screen to make our windows fit your home.

Materials & Product Lines

Pella Windows & Doors of Omaha and Lincoln offers a variety of materials, grilles, screens, and hardware to make your windows unique.


Window screens for awning windows cover the inside of your window’s opening and keep bugs, debris and other things best left outside from getting into your home.

InView Screen

Pella Windows & Doors of Omaha and Lincoln’s standard high-transparency screen provides a clearer view than conventional fiberglass screens available with no upcharge.

Conventional Fiberglass Screen

Durable and functional, this screen allows the light and breeze in with a standard level of clarity

What are awning windows?

Awning windows are hinged at the top of a window frame and open outward with the use of a crank handle. Awning windows are a great option for adding ventilation and air flow as well as natural light. Because of their size they can also be used in combination with other windows or placed high enough to allow for privacy without sacrificing light and ventilation.

Why are homeowners in Omaha & Lincoln choosing awning windows?

Energy Efficiency

Awning windows are energy efficient and can save money on energy bills.


Pella Impervia windows are made from fiberglass, which is known for its durability and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Expansive Glass

Our industry-leading modern designs deliver sleek, squared-off sash profiles and expansive glass with the narrowest sightlines in the industry.

Highly Versatile

They work great in combination with other window styles and types and can be placed in many different rooms and areas around your home.

Get Inspired by These Awning Window Projects Omaha & Lincoln

Pella’s wide variety of window sizes and styles make finding the right combination for your home a breeze. To see our awning windows in person, schedule a free in-home consultation or check out our showrooms near Union College in Lincoln as well as down the road from Chalco Hills Recreation Area in Omaha.

Ready to get started on your awning window installation?

Our local experts at Pella Windows & Doors of Omaha & Lincoln are here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions About Awning Windows

Why should I choose awning style windows?

There are several reasons why you might want to choose awning windows in your home. Awning windows are flexible and can be paired with other windows or incorporated in tight spaces with minimal disruption of your home’s design. Awning windows can also afford you privacy without sacrificing light or ventilation, depending on the placement.

How do awning style windows increase ventilation?

Although all types of windows can help ventilate your home, awning style windows are a great option because they swing out fully to allow more ventilation. With the proper placement, awning style windows are perfect in places like bathrooms and kitchens for creating more air flow and getting rid of unwanted smells.

Are awning windows good for natural light?

While awning windows don’t have as much surface area, their flexible size means they can add to the amount of light you’re getting from existing windows, be placed above a door or add light to a dim room that can’t fit a larger window.

Can you use awning windows on their own?

The best part about awning windows is their flexibility. They can be used with other windows, other features like doors or on their own altogether. Often people will use awning windows on their own inside basements as there’s limited space between the ground and a basement’s ceiling. Awning windows allow light in and create ventilation.

Hear From Pella Customers in Omaha and Lincoln

See what homeowners of Pella Windows & Doors of Omaha and Lincoln are saying about their experience with us.

All the steps in replacing the ten windows in my home went flawlessly. From the selections, the ordering, the measuring, the scheduling and the final installation all Pella personnel were professional, knowledgeable and personable.

Cleo Wright Omaha Showroom
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We’re so pleased with the Pella windows that replaced our damaged windows that we are replacing all the windows!

Tissy Omaha Showroom
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 I had a window replaced on Friday – October 21. The installers were Brandon and Josh and they did an excellent job! The were prompt, personable and exhibited exceptional work ethics. They cleaned up very well when the job was complete and answered all questions in a way that was easy for me to understand.

Gary McNeal Omaha Showroom
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Met with Don to get quotes on two windows for our house. He was very polite and very knowledgeable. Don was able to give us two different quotes based off our budget. I definitely recommend them just based on customer service alone.

Rahshaw Sides Omaha Showroom
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