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No one needs their peaceful morning cup of Joe ruined by a headfirst collision from a bird against their window. That big unmistakable THUD is disturbing, and jolting to your ears. Frankly, it’s not that great for the bird or your window.

Even though birds will be birds, you can make a difference by making some minor adjustments that help point these flying fellows toward an alternative path of travel. Let’s take a look at how you can stop birds from hitting your windows.

***If you found this article because a bird has flown into your window and is injured, call your local animal control for assistance. In Nebraska, that number is (402) 444-7800 extension 1

Why Birds Mistake Windows for the Open Sky: The Dangers of Bird Strikes

Birds don’t see glass the way that we do. They look at their reflections in our windows and they see wide open spaces. Because of their nature, birds may zoom into these danger zones with the mindset that they need to secure their territory and home turf.

And because birds don’t see through the illusion that a window can create, it can lead to repeated collisions against your house.

Besides the obvious concern for the birds, preventing window collisions is important for your home. A bird hitting a window can leave behind more than just feathers—it can scratch the glass or, worst-case scenario, break it.

Nobody wants unexpected bills for window replacement, right?

Five Solutions to Protect Birds and Windows

Birds flinging themselves into your windows doesn’t have to be a fact of life for you. You can make a huge difference in how they perceive their surroundings by taking five simple steps.

Put Decals and/or Stickers on Your Windows—Art Saves Bird Lives

Sticker Decals for windows

Birds are good at spotting patterns—not so much at recognizing solid surfaces like walls and windows.

Just by putting decals or stickers with patterns like stripes or dots on your windows, you have a much better chance at grabbing their attention and alerting them of something ahead that they might want to avoid.

The patterns break up the reflection and make the glass more visible to their bird senses.

You can do two things at once: save the birds and make your home look more unique: go for something simple that will get the job done or get as creative as you want with the patterns and decals.

Window Film is Perfect for Being an Invisible Guardian

Window Film

Window film is a thin, flexible sheet of material that you can stick directly onto your windows.

Similar to decals, specially designed window films can make the glass more visible to birds while still allowing you to see through it clearly.

Additionally, these films contain a coating which blocks UV rays, reduces heat and glare, adds privacy during the day, and even makes your windows safer by holding shattered glass together.

You can choose from clear, tinted, or from any number of stylish designs to add a little character to your windows.

Create Gentle Barriers with Blinds and Netting

Blinds or Netting

Setting up blinds and netting is another way to protect your incoming airborne buddies from a collision.

Setting up a fine-mesh net won’t only stop birds from crashing, but will protect your windows from errant balls and frisbees. Additionally, blinds and netting look great gracefully draped outside your windows, gently swaying back and forth in the breeze.

They’re an easy way to make your windows safer for our feathered friends, so consider giving them a try!

Reposition Your Plants and Feeders

reposition plantsYou know how birds can sometimes get so caught up in their breakfast or checking out a new plant that they don’t notice the window?

Moving your bird feeders and houseplants away from windows can help avoid that.

Birds are less likely to collide with windows that aren’t near feeders or plants they’re interested in.

Changing where you put your plants and bird feeders is a simple way to make sure both the birds and your windows stay safe from harm.

Use Reflective Tape and Strings

Reflective Tape

This simple trick can make a big difference in keeping our feathered friends safe.

By hanging up reflective tape or strings outside your windows, you can catch the light and the eyes of birds, making the glass more noticeable and reducing the chances of whole-body collisions.



How to Deal with Persistent, Bad Bird Behavior

Now, what if you have an extra determined bird that insists on attacking your windows?

If you’re dealing with birds who are absolutely convinced that their reflections are their rivals, here are some tips to give you a better chance at stopping that bad bird behavior in its tracks.

  • Use the “Scarecrow” Method: Try placing a fake owl near the window or hanging shiny objects like old CDs, 2000s-style, to scare the bird away.
  • Try the Fishing Line Trick: You can “criss-cross” your fishing line in front of your windows to break up the reflections without blocking your view. This is a great option that won’t interfere with your window warranty.
  • Adjust the Lighting: Keep the lights inside your house dimmed in the evening to reduce the chance of making reflections.

Persistent BehaviorJoin Pella in Keeping the Birds and Your Home Safe

If you’re facing a problem with birds running into your windows or doors, ignoring the issue won’t make your home’s bird-demic go away. It will just lead to more damage to your windows and, obviously, bring a lot more harm to the birds.

By taking a few easy, proactive steps, you’re not just protecting your home but also helping the birds safely get back to their own homes. Your windows – and the birds – will thank you for it.

At Pella, we want to empower homeowners to solve problems and be more thoughtful about our bird neighbors. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Or if you need a high-quality replacement window in the wake of bird crashes, Pella Windows and Doors of Omaha and Lincoln has you covered with high-quality window options in a variety of designs. We also have some of the best warranties in the business, thanks to our Pella Care Guarantee, and it’s always a great time to schedule a free in-home consultation.

Together, we can create homes that are safe and welcoming for everyone, birds included.

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