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Replacement Casement Windows

Casement windows (also known as crank, side hinge, side hung and hinged windows) open outward with the turn of a handle.

​​What You Need to Know About Pella’s Casement Windows in Omaha & Lincoln

Whether you want a modern look or something more traditional, Pella Windows & Doors of Omaha and Lincoln have a variety of grilles, hardware, and screens to make our windows fit your home.

Materials & Product Lines

Pella Windows & Doors of Omaha and Lincoln offers a variety of grilles, screens, and hardware to make your windows unique.

Screen options

What are casement windows?

Casement windows feature a hinged sash and hang vertically like a door. By turning a crank handle, they can either open toward the outside of the home or close by swinging back toward the home. Pella’s also offers the Easy-Slide Operator for select casement windows, a revolutionary innovation that eliminates the hand crank and makes opening or closing a window as simple as an easy sliding motion, much like how a dimmer light operates. By opening the entire panel, casement windows are great for either ventilation or redirecting a passing breeze into your home. They’re also weather resistant, great in hard to reach spots and match contemporary or modern styles.

Why are homeowners in Omaha & Lincoln choosing casement windows?

Maximum Ventilation

Because they angle when opened, casement windows are great for catching a breeze or for fully ventilating your house

White Pella Lifestyle Series Casement Windows Above Kitchen Sink

Weather Resistant

Their construction is especially weather resistant, especially when paired with Pella’s materials

Best for Hard-to-Reach Places

Their easy-to-use cranks or Easy-Slide Operators allow you to open windows in hard-to-reach places

Contemporary and Modern Style

Their clean, sleek look pairs well with modern and contemporary architecture

Get Inspired by These Casement Window Projects in Omaha & Lincoln

Pella’s wide variety of window sizes and styles make finding the right combination for your home a breeze. To find the right fit for your home, schedule a free in-home consultation or check out our showrooms near Union College in Lincoln as well as down the road from Chalco Hills Recreation Area in Omaha.

Ready to get started on your Casement window installation?

Our local experts at Pella Windows & Doors of Omaha & Lincoln are here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions About Casement Windows

Where should I put casement windows?

Casement windows work well in any area of the home but work especially well in hard-to-reach areas like above sinks, countertops and utilities like washers or dryers. They’re also great in rooms that need ventilation as they open wider than double-hung windows and open outward to catch the breeze. The crank or Easy-Slide Operator on a casement window allows for anyone to open a window.

Are casement windows safe?

Casement windows are very safe as they form airtight seals and lock on multiple points between the sash and window frame.

Are casement windows low maintenance?

Yes. Casement windows are easy to clean and take care of. By removing the screen and cranking the window open you get full access to the exterior surface which can be cleaned like any other window.

Can you repair casement windows?

Pella Windows & Doors of Omaha and Lincoln windows are backed by some of the strongest warranties in the business. Most issues with casement windows lie with the operation handles. Whether your windows are becoming difficult or impossible to crank open, Pella Windows & Doors of Omaha and Lincoln’s support department can help.

Can casement windows open inward?

Casement windows that swing inward are called inswing windows and are considered a specialty window.

What are french casement windows?

A type of specialty window, also known as double casement windows, French casement windows are two casement windows placed side-by-side that open from the center. These create large unobstructed views and are perfect for living rooms and other spacious areas of your home.

What are flush casement windows?

Flush casement windows lie flat against the frame when closed. Most modern casement windows protrude slightly when closed. Flush casement windows are seeing a rise in popularity in more modern and contemporary homes.

Hear From Pella Customers in Omaha and Lincoln

See what homeowners of Pella Windows & Doors of Omaha and Lincoln are saying about their experience with us.

All the steps in replacing the ten windows in my home went flawlessly. From the selections, the ordering, the measuring, the scheduling and the final installation all Pella personnel were professional, knowledgeable and personable.

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