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The word Abide means to bear patiently.

Pella has been a proud partner of Abide for years, and when we are given the opportunity to show up for our community, we are there! From building homes for deserving Omaha families, to donating supplies and time to Abide’s Better Together events, Pella is grateful to Abide for creating so many ways to get involved in creating a great life for people in our community!

When we take up our neighbor’s burden and help them to bear it, patiently, we are building our own strength, while creating space for others to grow. When we do this for entire neighborhoods, we are creating strong, bonded communities based in the understanding that someone is always going to be there to help you when the burden grows too heavy. The goal is a safer, warmer, and more connected Omaha.

Pella operates on a series of beliefs and drivers that dictate who we are as a company, and guide who we are as community members.

A few of our guiding beliefs and drivers are:

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Dignity and Respect
  • Positive Relationships
  • Community Involvement and Environmental Responsibility

With an ultimate goal of eliminating the “inner city”, Abide has opportunities for individuals willing to donate time, money, or talents to creating a better life for all of our neighbors. Join on Facebook, or explore giving opportunities on the Website. Pella and Abide know that we are Better Together.

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