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After a hiatus due to the pandemic, Pella of Lincoln & Omaha proudly revived their beloved annual Contractors Breakfast. Known for fostering camaraderie and appreciation among the builders and subcontractors who partner with Pella, this year’s event marked a significant return to tradition and community.

For the first year back, the turnout was impressive, reflecting the eagerness of our partners to reconnect. These breakfasts are essential for our business, as we deeply value the relationships with our builders and subcontractors who help bring Pella products to life in homes and buildings throughout the region.

We hosted two breakfasts to ensure everyone had the opportunity to join us. The first event took place on May 21st at our Omaha location, right in our warehouse. It was a relaxed and enjoyable morning where our field team and Project Coordinators (PCs) took on the role of chefs, cooking up delicious pancakes. Alongside the pancakes, we served a hearty spread of eggs, bacon, and sausage. Our trade sales reps invited their builders, and everyone enjoyed a laid-back atmosphere to talk shop and simply hang out.

The second breakfast was held in Lincoln at the Elks Lodge #80. For this event, we hired the renowned Waffle Man, who delighted our Lincoln-based builders and subs with his incredible waffles. It was a morning filled with good food, great conversations, and a sense of community.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who showed up and grabbed their coveted “Contractor Breakfast” long sleeve shirt. These shirts have become a cherished tradition, and this year was no different. A fun highlight of the event was seeing John Jones, one of our long-time retail sales reps, proudly wearing his “vintage” Contractor Breakfast shirt that dated back to 1999.

The revival of the Contractors Breakfast was more than just an event; it was a celebration of the partnerships that make our work possible. We look forward to continuing this tradition and building even stronger relationships with our valued partners. Thank you for making the 2024 Contractors Breakfast a success!

Stay tuned for more events and updates from Pella of Lincoln & Omaha as we continue to support and appreciate our incredible community of builders and subcontractors.

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