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Les and Ce Ann Zanotti say it’s not just the beauty of Pella windows that has made them brand loyalists, but also the enduring quality of the product and the reliable service they have received over the years.

Most of the original Pella windows in the Zanotti’s two-story, French Country-style house in west Omaha have been in place since its 1972 construction. So when the couple added on in 1984 and remodeled in 1990, they chose Pella. And whenever panes have been damaged—like the time a large bird collided with glass head-on or after a mishap with a chair on casters—Pella specialists were able to custom-create replacement panes for the older window designs instead of having to replace the entire window.

“They do great work and we’ve always had their windows,” Ce Ann says. “We’ve never had a problem.”

But the standout role Pella windows played was in the unique 2002 addition, a project Les calls “the best room in the house.” As Ce Ann describes the “unusual” room: “It’s octagonal-shaped. There are windows on every side of the octagon (except the entrance), and a spiral staircase going down to the wine cellar.”

Large windows line the hallway connecting the room to the main part of the house, and the room itself is more windows than solid walls. The design accentuates amazing views of the sloping, 1.3-acre wooded property’s tiered landscaping and mature flower garden.

The central accent window starts at ceiling level and descends to the wine cellar. “There are small windows above this soffit and there’s an arch over the top. The carpenter did a perfect job. And the little windows above there are Pella, too. Every time I look up there, I marvel,” Ce Ann says.

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