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We’ve all been there. It’s the peak cold of winter, the wind is whipping through the trees outside and all of a sudden you feel it: a whoosh of cold air as you walk around your home. “Where in the world could that draft be coming from?” you wonder. Well, it’s entirely possible it’s coming from your windows.

And if you have drafty windows you could be losing money. According to Energy Star, if you live in Nebraska and replace your single pane windows with ENERGY STAR certified windows, you could save $296 a year. Likewise, if you replace your double pane windows, savings could reach $107 per year. Over the lifetime of your house, those numbers are nothing to shiver at.

Window drafts are also a cause for concern in the summer. When extra heat enters your home, you are making your air conditioner work that much harder to keep everything cooler.

Causes of window drafts

Stephen Noel, Owner of Pella Omaha and Lincoln, explained air leakage in and around windows can result in higher heating and cooling costs. This could be for a number of different reasons and some include:

  • Your windows may have had weather stripping removed.
  • The weather stripping you do have may be worn and in need of replacement.
  • Materials move, shrink and expand as houses settle which can impact how well a window seals when closed and locked.
  • The area surrounding the window during the installation may not have been properly sealed.

Stephen said, “Some installations are not properly insulated in and around your windows. With a quality installation a good seal is created. Pella installations incorporate a combination of installation foam, installation tape and caulk to create a good seal.”

Want to Replace Drafty Windows?

Looking to replace drafty windows in your home? Call Pella Omaha today or schedule your free in-home consultation.

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