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The idea of injecting argon gas between window panes is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners looking for an edge on energy conservation. But it’s not just energy efficiency that makes argon so popular – there are many other benefits that make this unique gas so widely used.

You, with your hand raised

What exactly is argon gas, and why is it used in windows? Great question. Argon is an inexpensive, non-toxic, odorless gas that is used in residential windows for several beneficial reasons:

  • Argon gas offers better insulation because it is more dense (heavier) than air.
  • Argon is ENERGY STAR®-rated, meaning superior energy efficiency and certified via the government’s ENERGY STAR program.

Argon gas acts as an insulator, working in both Omaha’s humid summers and frosty winters to help keep the inside of your home protected from outside temperatures. Pella Omaha provides options that use argon gas along with applying a low-emissivity (Low-E) coating film to the glass panes, adding even more energy efficiency.

Pella’s low-E coating along with the argon gas keeps the interior pane of glass closer to the temperatures of the interior air, minimizing air currents that are created when different temperatures come into contact. This reduces drafts and cold spots.

Several options

Pella Omaha has many options and combinations when it comes to argon gas and the types of glass used in their windows. We’ll cover these glass varieties in a future post.

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