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Is there a difference between Bow and Bay Windows? And why are they so popular? Keep reading to find out!

It’s easy to create a room with the view when you install bay or bow windows. Designed to let in more light than a traditional window that’s flush with the wall, bay and bowwindows – long popular in New England – are no longer limited to Victorian-types homes. In fact, many modern architects will construct a bay window addition to allow for more space and natural light within the home.

Bay or Bow – is there a difference?

Both bay windows and bow windows are multi-piece, aesthetically pleasing windows that are angled or curved combinations of windows that extend outward to maximize your view. A bay window is typically a fixed window in the center joined together with your choice of venting windows on each side. Bow windows feature four or more windows joined together to form a graceful curve.

Let in more light

Bay and bow windows are popular because of their curvy appeal and unique design.

If you like sunlight, these are the windows for you. And fresh air is at a premium, too. Plus, there is the benefit of added storage or additional seating with bay and bow windows.

Rich history

Bay windows are connected historically with mansions of the early English Renaissance where they were characteristically installed at the end of a great hall opposite the entrance.

In modern architecture, bay windows emerged as a prominent feature from architects who were tasked with the goal of maximizing natural light and came with the creation of the cellular wall and a new emphasis on bay windows. One example is the Manhattan Building (Chicago, 1890), which displays both polygonal Bay and Bow Windows.

Today’s Bay and Bow Windows are far removed from those lofty beginnings, though. Now it’s easy and affordable to have these beautiful windows installed in your home.

Take in a new view today

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