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Thinking about your next home renovation but not sure where to focus your efforts and hard-earned cash? Don’t underestimate new bathroom windows.

When most people redesign their homes, they usually focus their attention on the kitchen or living room. But bathrooms are prime real estate, and adding windows doesn’t just bring in more light—it can make your bathroom feel right.

Let’s explore why installing new windows in your bathroom is one of the most well-rounded upgrades you could choose. Here are five bathroom window ideas that will transform your space into the oasis you deserve.

1. Awning Windows for Vibes and Ventilation

Awning windows have a bold style and fill your bathroom with natural light, but what makes them special is their ability to ventilate the bathroom—rain or shine. And by stopping moisture buildup, your new window will make for a healthier, more inviting sanctuary in your home.

Pella Lifestyle Series awning window in bathroom

Pella Lifestyle Series awning window in bathroom

Awning windows open outwardly, horizontally, and from the top of the frame, where a handle is located. They have a classic look, but this design serves a functional purpose, especially in the unpredictable climate of Nebraska.

Even when the rain comes, you can open your awning windows wide without drowning your bathroom walls or floor—and having the windows open when it rains is an underrated experience.

Plus, if you’re replacing a glass block installation in favor of a window with superior sealing and insulation, such as a fixed window, an awning window with argon between the glass will also do the trick. During both summer and winter, argon is effective at providing another layer of insulation within your window, keeping your bathroom feeling nice and comfortable by keeping the smoldering heat and frigid cold outside, where it belongs.

Pella of Omaha & Lincoln offers several styles of quality awning windows you can choose from that will help your bathroom strike the perfect balance between function and style.

In addition to glass options, we have window frame options available in traditional wood, as well as our most popular choices for bathrooms (due to their insulation abilities)—fiberglass and vinyl.

2. Casement Windows for Function and Flavor

Casement windows (also known as “crank windows” or “roll out windows”) can ventilate your home and shine more natural light—all while bringing an added element of convenience into the fold. Especially in tight spaces like bathrooms.

Pella Lifestyle Series 2-wide casement window over vanity

Pella Lifestyle Series 2-wide casement window over vanity

Casement windows have a classic, low-key look that stands the test of time and stands out against traditional window frames. Unlike awning windows, you open your casement windows sideways, like a door, by using a crank. Casement windows don’t use a traditional frame like most windows; instead, they rely on a hinged sash.

But despite differences in design, casement windows are great for ventilating the bathroom. You can swing them open wide on a windy day and redirect the breeze into the bathroom as an extra rewarding ventilation technique.

Casement windows are also fixtures in bathrooms around the world partly due to their convenience. Most models have cranks, which make the windows easy to reach and open, even in smaller bathrooms, where the vertical windows can sit high up on the walls and make best use of the space.

Pella’s commitment to innovation is part of bringing you even more convenience. That includes our “easy slide operator” option for casement and awning windows that opens your window with a simple slide, as easy and frictionless as dimming your lights.

Pella of Omaha’s casement windows come in a wide range of finishes and hardware options that can work in whatever style of bathroom you’re renovating. Our options come in single, 2-wide, and 3-wide casement windows, available in wood, fiberglass, and vinyl designs.

3. Obscured Glass for Privacy and Natural Light

Impervia direct set frosted glass window

Impervia direct set frosted glass window

Looking for an easy and effective way to personalize your bathroom and make it feel homier? Add obscured glass to your new window installation.

The glass you choose can make or break the sense of privacy that you feel in an intimate setting. No one wants to belt out a shower ballad in a live performance for the neighbors—but it’s not just about privacy; obscured glass can be downright classy.

If you want to add in an extra visual barrier between yourself and the outside world when you’re in the bathroom, but you don’t want to shut out the natural light filtering through, make sure your next window comes with obscured glass.

Pella lets you customize your window glass so that you get the privacy and lighting you need.

We have obscured, frosted, and tinted glass options, as well as a variety of textures to choose from, in both dual-pane and triple-pane glass designs.

4. Low-E Glass for Energy Efficiency

We’ve mentioned how the right windows can change the way your bathroom looks and feels, but let’s shift gears and talk about how windows can change how your bills look and your wallet feels.

If your home has outdated windows, you’re going to have a problem when it comes to your home’s insulation. You might as well be trying to heat your home with a screen door because it’s just not going to cut it.

During winter, your windows need to keep the heat inside and keep the cold out, and during summer, they need to keep the heat out and the cool air in. You need your windows to do their jobs no matter the season—otherwise, you’re just throwing money out the window.

That’s where energy efficient glass enters the picture. This glass is specially designed to keep your bathroom comfortable year-round, regardless of the elements, and help you improve your home’s insulation efficiency.

And when it comes to finding the best energy efficient glass for your new window, Pella has you covered. We have four different Low-E glass options, also known as low-emissivity glass, and all of our Low-E glass products are available in dual-pane or triple-pane designs.

For our Omaha and Lincoln residents, we recommend our AdvancedComfort Low-E Insulating Glass or our Advanced Low-E Insulating Glass.

5. Think Outside the Box with Specialty Shapes

Custom Window carlton landing ridgeline bathroom

Custom Shape Window

Want another way to give your new bathroom window that “wow” factor? If you’re planning a more involved home remodeling project, now is your chance to break away from conventional window shapes and fully embrace your inner home designer with specialty shapes.

While a quality new window has its own merits, an added boost in creativity goes a long way. And with specialty window shapes, you can add an extra flare to your bathroom that you can’t get with your average window.

Pella Windows & Doors of Omaha and Lincoln’s custom window shapes give you the customization options to bring your one-of-a-kind personality to your bathroom, even when it comes to the kind of glass you want.

Take your pick of our impressive custom windows in full circle, half circle, quarter circle, oval, hexagon, octagon, full elliptical, half elliptical, full chord, half chord, and full springline designs.

Make Your Bathroom Stand Out with Pella

When it’s all said and done, new windows are so much more than a fancy set piece for your bathroom—they are a top-tier renovation that can improve your bathroom’s ventilation, efficiency, and overall comfort.

And the best part? When you order your new bathroom windows from Pella Windows & Doors of Omaha and Lincoln, you get to customize your new windows to bring your own unique style and personality to the forefront.

Whether you’re looking for a new awning or casement window—or you want obscured glass, Low-E glass, or specialty shapes—when you bring Pella windows home, you’re not just upgrading your bathroom—you’re upgrading your home.

Schedule a free consultation today and start turning your bathroom window dreams into reality.

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