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When you want to give your home a giant boost of confidence and new energy, start with your front door—it’s the heart and soul of your entryway and your home.

As the first thing you and your guests see when entering your home, your front door sets the tone for your house in a subtle way. But replacing your entryway door isn’t about making first impressions—your front door is a core part of your home’s privacy, functionality, and identity.

With front doors from Pella Windows and Doors of Omaha and Lincoln, you can flex your home design muscles and invest in a durable door that stands the test of time. Whether you want to upgrade your front entryway with one of our fiberglass doors with glass, solid fiberglass doors, or solid steel doors, all of our doors look great standing tall in front of any home—and our local experts can help you find the right one for your home.

Let’s explore three ways to turn your front entry door ideas into your next successful renovation.

Fiberglass Doors with Glass Panels to Reimagine Your Entryway

Fiberglass with glass entry-door

Pella Fiberglass Entry Door with Glass

There’s nothing like coming home and being greeted inside your entryway with natural light filtering through your front door. Pella’s fiberglass entry doors with glass panels transform your home’s entryway into a more inviting space with natural light and a splash of personality.

Our fiberglass doors are sturdy, reliable, and long-lasting, featuring rot-resistant exteriors and designs that are built for low-maintenance. But on top of reliability, these doors also look great, especially when you take advantage of Pella’s unmatched level of customization options.

In terms of glass, you can select custom glass shapes and decorative glass to make your front door stand out. If you’re more interested in function over fashion, we have obscure glass for privacy, energy efficient glass to help you save energy, and impact-resistant glass that withstands shattering.

Want more options? Deck out your door with some of our extensive features like custom door colors, hinges, and grilles that allow for easy cleaning and better energy efficiency.

We have 4 light, full-light, and 3 light equal options available in fiberglass doors with glass, as well as creative panel styles to choose from, such as 1/2 light, 3/4 light, and full light options.


Solid Fiberglass Doors for a Subtle Style

Solid Fiberglass Entry Door

Pella Solid Fiberglass Entry Door

Want a more subtle take on your new front door design? Consider adding a solid fiberglass door to your home entryway.

Pella’s solid fiberglass front doors have the great modern look that resembles the traditional style of a wood door—without the upkeep or risks of rot, rust, corrosion, or dents. Plus, the solid design gives your entryway a bit more privacy and a lot more sturdiness.

The great thing about solid designs is that they can be bold or subtle, depending on your taste. And when you order your new door from Pella, you’re not limited to just a handful of color options. Unlike most door providers, we offer a wide array of color options thanks to our custom pre-finish department in Omaha that can make your entryway stand out or accentuate it in a subtle way.

But if you’re on the search for even more ways to personalize your new solid fiberglass door, with Pella, you can add sidelights or transoms to your solid fiberglass door for a natural glow. Or choose from our several options of decorative, obscuring, or low-E insulating glass for your entryway.

Steel Doors for Extra Strength and an Extra Bold Look

If you’re looking for the strongest front door option, then look no further than steel doors.

Steel doors have a simple and sturdy design that makes for superior privacy, safety, and durability when compared to the average door. Steel doors are perfect for the entryway, especially if one of the major motivations for your home renovation journey is finding yourself some extra peace of mind.

But on top of reinforcing your home, steel doors are easy to take care of and don’t absorb moisture, meaning they are long-lasting and can withstand the harsh summers and winters that are all too familiar in the state of Nebraska.

Not to mention, steel boasts a striking look that can make for a stunning addition to your home’s entrance. Whether you prefer a modern look or a traditional appearance, Pella’s steel front entry doors come in a variety of options and offer a game-changing combination of strength and style.

For added protection, we offer 20-minute and 90-minute fire protection ratings so you and your family can feel even more safe in the case of a fire emergency.

Steel Entry Door

Pella Steel Entry Door

Elevate Your Home’s Entry with Pella’s Front Doors

Of all the renovation journeys that you could embark on as a homeowner, choosing your front door is one of the most effective starting points for supercharging your home’s transformation.

As the trusted provider for all your front door needs, Pella Windows and Doors of Omaha and Lincoln can help you bring your front door entryway visions to life. Not only do we have the capability to fulfill your advanced design ideas, but we also have the passion and know how to help you install the right door in your entryway to make for a lasting impact.

On top of our high-quality fiberglass doors with glass panels, solid fiberglass doors, and steel doors, we offer a wide range of customization options, including frame and trim designs for fiberglass doors, as well as sill and hinge options for you to choose from to give your new steel door some extra personality.

Want to learn more about how you can kickstart your new home renovation? Pella offers free 90-minute in-home consultations to answer your questions and help you find the right door, glass, and hardware for your entryway and budget. Schedule a consultation today!

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