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If you own a home in Omaha or Lincoln, you know that the spring and summer seasons are also hail seasons, and we certainly saw some damaging hailstorms in Omaha and Lincoln in June 2022.

What many homeowners don’t know is that oftentimes roofing and siding companies don’t inspect for hail damage to windows and doors — and that homeowners can have their home assessed for this at no cost.

Here is the three-step process to filing a claim, what you need to know about homeowner’s insurance and hail damage to windows and doors and frequently asked questions you may have.

Step 1. Get an inspection

If you’ve been in an area that experienced hail storms in the last few years, always check for hail damage to your windows and doors. You will want to get an inspection done, too, to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

How does hail damage windows and doors?

The most obvious sign of hail damage is a cracked pane, but if hail has created any leaks in your window components — sashes, frames, grills, etc. — that could lead to drafts, fogging, material deterioration and increasing home energy bills.

What if I don’t see any hail damage or already had my home inspected for hail damage?

Even if you don’t think you have had hail damage, it is better to have it inspected. It can sometimes be difficult to spot hail damage, so you can’t go wrong with having a trained professional check. At Pella, we can schedule a convenient time to do a hail inspection at no cost to you.

What if insurance already covered hail damage to my roof and siding?

Hail damage to windows and doors can be just as important to repair as damage to roof and siding and is likely covered by most home insurance policies. There can be time limits on filing new hail damage claims though, so don’t wait.

What if I already had my home inspected for hail damage?

Windows and doors are very different from roofs and siding. Most roof and siding companies do not install, service or quote windows and doors, particularly for hail damage. You will want to get your windows and doors looked at specifically, so when it comes to these products, contact your window and door company.

What if I don’t have Pella windows or doors installed in my home?

You do not need to have Pella windows or doors installed in your home to have a free inspection done by us. We will inspect a home no matter who installed your windows and doors. With a full line of doors and windows, from fiberglass and vinyl to wood and custom work, we service products on any type of home.

How do I prepare to file an insurance claim for hail damage to windows and doors?

If one of our local professionals from Pella Windows & Doors of Omaha and Lincoln does find hail damage, we will provide the documentation necessary for filing an insurance claim and help you work with the adjuster that will inspect your home.

The process of filing an insurance claim and having your windows or doors repaired after hail damage may seem daunting or overwhelming, but that is why we’re here to help. We will do the difficult “window and door” parts so you don’t have to struggle through that paperwork with your insurance company.

Step 2: File an insurance claim

If it is discovered that you have hail damage to your windows or doors, the second step will be to file an insurance claim. We can guide you through this process, but the initial claim will be the primary task for you, as the homeowner. First, contact your insurance company and notify them of the damage — this may mean calling your insurance agent or filing the claim online.

Won’t an insurance claim raise my homeowner’s insurance costs?

If you live in an area hit by damaging hailstorms, many of your neighbors have been using their insurance to repair the damage, so the impact of the storm on insurance is already there. Don’t get stuck with an increase and not the benefits.

I have so many windows and doors. Isn’t that a lot of paperwork?

Pella Windows and Doors of Omaha & Lincoln will take thorough measurements of each window and make a determination as to what repair method is needed  — or if a full window replacement is needed.

We will build a detailed quote for you and will even submit it to your insurance company on your behalf.

We will be open and honest with the homeowner and will never communicate information to the insurance company that we do not communicate to you.

What if an insurance adjuster has already been to my house for hail damage?

The recent storms in Omaha and Lincoln created an extremely large demand for urgent repairs to roofs and siding. Having another adjuster take a closer look at the damage to your windows and doors can be important. The insurance company will contact the homeowner and Pella Windows and Doors of Omaha & Lincoln to schedule an adjuster to come to the home and verify the damage. We can meet with you and the adjuster to explain the damage and the repair steps. Occasionally, an adjuster will disagree with parts of the claim and claims will be changed. If this is the case, we will work on your behalf to ensure the best possible outcome.

How long will it take?

At this point the hard work is done, but patience is important. The claim will get processed through the insurer’s payment system, but this can be a lengthy process of waiting, taking anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks or more.

Step 3: Getting the work done!

Your claim was approved and you’re looking forward to damage-free windows and doors! The check may be made out to just the homeowner, or it may be made out to the homeowner and the mortgage company. If the mortgage company is included on the check, it will have to be forwarded to the lender, who will likely have a couple more forms. We can help with those.

How soon can the repairs start?

When the payee is clear, you will need to wait as the forms and procedures are processed. Usually, after about seven to 10 days, the initial payment will arrive, which can be about 50-60% of the total payment. This is enough to use as a deposit, which allows us to get to work repairing or replacing the hail damage to your windows or doors.

The final payment usually won’t be sent until we give the final invoice. This check will also need to be sent to your lender company, but it will likely take less time to process than the first check.

Our large and experienced team of verifiers and installers can find a time to do the work that best fits your schedule.

Anything else?

Now you are done! Your insurance claim has been submitted and processed, and your windows or doors have been replaced or repaired. This process can feel daunting if you try to tackle it alone, but Pella Windows and Doors helps with the difficult parts and simplifies the process.

If you think you have hail damage or are in an area that has had a hailstorm pass through, contact Pella Windows and Doors of Omaha & Lincoln for a free inspection before problems start. Contact Pella Windows and Doors at (402) 331-9225 (Omaha) or (402) 484-5700 (Lincoln) or request a consultation here.

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