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Vinyl windows are often thought of as windows that only fit in with newer homes. They are sleek, clean and modern-looking. But in reality, vinyl can look wonderful even in older homes that have wood window frames. Pella’s vinyl windows have several aspects that set them apart.

The first factor that sets apart Pella vinyl windows is that Pella vinyl windows are made of virgin vinyl. This means the vinyl in the window has never been recycled—it has never been anything else. This helps with warping, expansion and contraction. “A lot of people know wood expands and contracts,” explains Aaron Neuroth, Retail Sales Manager at Pella. “But a lot of people don’t know that vinyl does as well.” As your windows expand and contract, they let air in and out of your home, making it harder to keep at a set temperature and increasing your heating and air conditioning costs.

Pella vinyl windows also have a special built-in insulating factor. There are dead air chambers built into the frame of each window, and dead air is a great insulator. There are about a dozen air chambers in the frame that help keep the weather out of your home.

Metal is also inserted into the check rail when the windows are installed. The check rail is where the windows join and lock, and this helps with the security of your home as well as keeping that area of the window from bowing. Again, the less bowing your window does, the better it insulates your home.

Finally, the updated glass provided in these windows is designed much better and insulates in a way older glass cannot.

Despite the fact that most older homes have wood windows, putting in Pella’s vinyl windows looks beautiful even in older homes. “Since we’ve installed these new windows, our home is so much more comfortable. It feels as cozy as it looks. We really enjoy the comfort and beauty,” says Lori Umstead, a local homeowner who has Pella vinyl windows installed in her home.

“We’re proud to say we have windows in a lot of the historic homes around here in Omaha, and we really like taking care of them,” adds Neuroth.

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