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Old windows can let in a lot of cold air during the winter months. If you place your hand next to a poorly sealed window while it is cold outside, you may even feel the cold air seeping into your home. Pella reps use a thermal imaging gun to diagnose your windows and help them determine how to best repair or replace your windows.

What is a thermal imaging gun?

A thermal imaging gun captures what your eye cannot see—the radiant heat around an object. Radiant heat is thermal energy, which is part of the infrared spectrum. Every object that has a temperature emits thermal energy, even ice. A thermal gun detects this thermal energy and converts it into an image. The colors in the image indicate how hot or cold a location is, which allows Pella reps to see what areas on a window are letting in the most cold air.

The thermal imaging gun has become a powerful tool to diagnose what the main reason is for replacing or repairing a window. Pella reps are able to shoot before pictures of a window to determine the troublesome areas of the window. This saves time in the diagnosing stage, as this tool can be used in place of guessing and hypothesizing about what the problem may be.

From these images on the thermal imaging gun, Pella reps can see what areas are letting the most cold air into the home. This helps guide the reps in deciding what is needed on the job, how to organize the work, and how to work most efficiently. Instead of guessing what the problem is, Pella reps can know what is causing the issue and fix it right the first time.

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