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Helping History Thrive

Twenty years ago, Pella Corporation donated the windows and doors needed to spruce up the Lied Lodge and Conference Center in Nebraska City. The windows were designed specifically for energy efficiency, which fits right in with Arbor Day Farm’s environmental stewardship goals.

When the time came recently for new windows and doors, Pella again stepped up to the plate to help with Arbor Day Farm.

A total of 285 windows and doors needed attention, according to Jerry Murley, Project Manager for Pella Windows & Doors of Omaha.

“We’re removing and replacing existing Pella windows and doors right now,” he said.

Pella provided the windows and doors at cost and worked alongside Pierce Construction in Blair to install them. Murley said the project is nearly complete.

A Winning Combination

Despite the project’s large scale, Murley said everything has gone smoothly and according to plan.

He also said the installation team enjoyed the excellent treatment they’ve received from the lodge staff. Not only does the installation team enjoy working for a good cause, but they also enjoy staying at the lodge during the installation.

“It’s been a great job,” Murley said. “It’s been smooth, and they’re a pleasure to work with.”

Visit Arbor Day Farm

For more information about Arbor Day Farm or the Lied Lodge and Conference Center, visit their official websites.

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