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How to Open Awning Windows

Pella awning windows are a popular choice for homeowners in Omaha, Lincoln and the surrounding area due to their stylish design and energy-efficient features. These windows are easy to operate and provide excellent ventilation, making them ideal for areas that require constant air flow. However, they’re not your everyday windows so understanding how to open Pella awning windows can be challenging.

Step 1

Locate the Window Lock

The first step in opening a Pella awning window is to locate the window lock. Pella awning and casement windows use the SureLock and Unison lock systems. The SureLock can be located on the side of the window. The Unison lock system is a crank, typically found on the bottom of the sash, that folds out and cranks clockwise to open the window.

Step 2

Unlock the Window

To unlock the window, simply push the SureLock lever up. This will release the lock and allow the window to open.

Step 3

Open the Window

Once the window is unlocked, use the Unison lock system crank to open the window. You can crank the handle clockwise to open it or counterclockwise to close it.

You may also have an Easy-Slide Operator. This small notch on the side of the sash slides up and down with a simple push or pull to open your windows. Others may not have a crank at all and only require a push to open. . Either way, the window will swing outwards.

Step 4

Adjust the Window Position

If you want to adjust the window position, you can do so by tilting the window from the bottom — or cranking or sliding the operator. This will allow you to control ventilation and air flow.

Step 5

Secure the Window

To close the window, simply push it back into place or crank/slide the operator. Once it’s closed all the way, flip the SureLock down. This will pull the window even tighter into the weatherproofing of the frame to create an airtight lock.

Tips for Maintaining Pella Awning Windows

  • Clean the window tracks: Over time, dirt and debris can accumulate in the window tracks, making it difficult to open and close the window. Cleaning ensures smooth operation.
  • Use lubricant: If the window is still difficult to open, you can apply a small amount of lubricant to the operator handle or window tracks. Teflon Dry Lubricant or Gulf Wax works well, and it’s available at most home improvement stores. Avoid using an oil-based lubricant as they attract dust which can clog up the window tracks over time.
  • Check the weatherstripping: If the weatherstripping on the window is damaged or worn, it can make it difficult to open and close the window. Check the weather stripping regularly and replace it if necessary.
  • Don’t force the window: Forcing the window open can damage it or its frame. Instead, check for any obstructions or issues that may be preventing the window from opening.

Opening Pella’s awning windows is simple and straightforward. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily open and close your Pella awning windows safely, ensuring they work for years to come.